Akron Civic Hackathon

Project Description:

Akron Civic Hackathon provides a way for our civic leaders to reach out to volunteer software and hardware engineers and announce interesting challenges that have the potential to generate civic impact.

We are motivated by volunteerism (through our collaborations at synHAK: Akron’s 501(c)3 charitable makerspace) and hope to assist our civic leaders by volunteering our skills in software and hardware design.

We hope to measure civic impact generated by deploying the solutions we come up with together with our civic leaders.We have prepared a Civic Hacking Timeline for our civic leaders to help them decide which challenges they’d like for volunteers to work on.



Akron Civic Hackathon’s mission is to:

  • Document and generate awareness of as many challenges our civic leaders have that can be shared with volunteer software and hardware engineers who are also civic hackers.
  • Host events related to civic hacking in downtown Akron to promote active participation and conversations among our civic leaders and volunteer civic hackers.


Our historical background and annual event:

Shortly after President Obama signed a House Bill for Open Data, Code for America started scheduling National Day of Civic Hacking.

In 2013, Akron was a city selected and we hosted an event called HackNEO and helped develop tothetrails.com. Archived details.

In 2014, we hosted Akron Civic Hackathon 2014, part of National Day of Civic Hacking.

This year, in 2015, we are planning to host Akron Civic Hackathon 2015 on June 6th, 2015.

The National Day of Civic Hacking is an event that celebrates our civic leaders working together with civic hackers to make civic impact. Some challenges that have already begun prior to the event, we share status updates for, and other challenges are begun by new civic leaders.

We sincerely hope you join us in making civic impact in our community.

If you have any questions about Akron Civic Hackathon or even otherwise, feel free to email us at organizersach@gmail.com


Some civic leaders have empowered civic hackers by providing data.

In the links below, be prepared to be amazed by data and start to think how to derive meaning from it:


Summit County Board of Elections

Summit County Engineer’s Office

County of Summit Economic Development Department

Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study

Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program



2 thoughts on “Akron Civic Hackathon

  1. Brandon says:

    What is the best way to volunteer (besides attending the hack-a-thon)? I would be interested in possibly helping out on the Coventry project. I develop GIS tools/applications and could possibly be of some use.


    • gsvolt says:

      – Submit patches to our code on github.com/akroncivichackathon or nationally github.com/codeforamerica
      – Communicate with civic leaders (township, city, county – hopefully in that order) in your network to learn about the challenges they have that can use help from outside their departments. Some challenges are well suited, others are not. A challenge could be something that saves our civic leaders time. Sometimes challenges don’t require source code.
      – Teach others introductory skills in GIS so they can adapt mapping to their needs. The field can be quite intimidating for first timers


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