Timeline of Civic Hacking

A timeline of relevant events is presented below for new participants of Akron Civic Hackathon in reverse chronological order.



May 04, 2015: Mark Boyd (Programmable Web) publishes news article titled

How Smart Cities are promoting API usage


April 26, 2015: Farah Halime (OZY.com) publishes a story titled

“The kind of hacker your city wants”


April 16, 2015: Matt O’Brien (San Jose Mercury New) publishes phys.org news article titled

Jennifer Pahlka, founder of Code for America, talks ‘civic hacking’


April 3, 2015: Melody Kramer, Becky Sweger, Aidan Feldman, Julia Elman, and Will Slack (18F.gsa.gov) publish a blog post titled

“How to welcome new coders to a civic hackathon”


March 30, 2015: Monika Shepard (Global Integrity) publishes Technically DC blog post titled

“Does civic tech have a funding problem?”


March 19, 2015: Eric Mill, Gabriel Ramirez, Gray Brooks, Leah Bannon, Shawn Allen (18F) publish technical blog post titled

“How we built analytics.usa.gov


March 19, 2015: White House publishes technical blog titled

“Turning Government Data into Better Public Service”


February 26, 2015: Jeff Buchanan publishes blog post titled

“Hacking for the common good”


February 25, 2015: Lalita Clozel (Technical.ly) publishes blog post titled

“Open Data Day DC 2015: There’s no snowing down DC’s civic hacking fervor”


February 24, 2015: Jessica McKenzie publishes blog post titled

“Notes from a weekend of Cross-Country Civic Hacking”


February 23, 2015: Leah Bannon (Tech Lady Hackathon) publishes a blog post titled

“Tech Lady Hackathon: Civic Hacking for Women in Tech”


February 6, 2015: Alex Howard (e-pluribusunum.org) publishes blog post titled

“Civic tech in 2015: $6.4 billion to connect citizens to services, and to one another”


February 3, 2015: Makula Dunbar publishes blog post titled

“Tiphub’s Global Hackathon to Celebrate Black History Month”



November 07, 2014: Meredith Lee (DHS), Rafael Lemaitre (FEMA), Brian Forde (White House) publish technical blog post titled
“Hardware Hacking for Disaster Response in Red Hook, Brooklyn”


July 03, 2014: Mayor Eric Garcetti (Los Angeles), Brian Forde (White House) publish technical blog post titled
“More than Ten Thousand Citizens Hack for Good at the Second Annual National Day of Civic Hacking”


June 03, 2014: Ezra Mechaber (White House) publishes technical blog post titled
“Wrap Up: A Hackathon Here at the White House”


Storify post: https://storify.com/whitehouse/hosting-a-whhackathon

May 15, 2014: ALi Llewellyn publishes blog post titled
“Unite with fellow citizens on the National Day of Civic Hacking”


May 12, 2014: Jason Hibbets (RedHat) publishes blog post titled
“Civic Hacking is taking off”


May 01, 2014: publish technical blog post titled
“Announcing the White House’s Second Annual Civic Hackathon”


April 17, 2014: Brian Forde(White House) publishes technical blog post titled
“Celebrating the Second Annual National Day of Civic Hacking”


February 28, 2014: Christie George (New Media Ventures) publishes Knight Foundation blog post titled
“What’s next for mapping civic tech”


February 19, 2014: Andrew Hyder (Code for America) publishes blog post titled
“How to get started in civic hacking”



August 14, 2013: George Luc (GivePulse) publishes blog post titled
“Technology-enabled volunteers ending hunger and food waste in Austin”


August 14, 2013: Steve Spiker (Urban Strategies Council) publishes technical blog post titled
“Civic Hacking Our Way to a Better Government and Stronger Democracy”


July 29, 2013: Brian Forde(White House) and Hollie Russon Gilman publish technical blog post titled
“Honoring Open Government and Civic Hacking Champions of Change”


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nK35TwwDr8

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/whchamps

June 25, 2013: Ariel Waldman (SpaceHack.org) publishes technical blog post titled
“Hacking Science and Space Exploration”


June 07, 2013: Brian Forde (White House) and Nick Sinai (White House) publish technical blog post titled
“Thousands of Americans Innovate for Good in the National Day of Civic Hacking”


June 05, 2013: Peter Welsch(White House) publishes technical blog post titled
“Civic Hacking at the White House: We the people, by the People”


June 01-02, 2013: HackNEO organized in downtown Akron


May 09, 2013: President Obama (White House) issues an Executive Order titled
“Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information”


April 05, 2013: Peter Welsch(White House) publishes technical blog post titled
“National Day of Civic Hacking at the White House”


March 02, 2013: Peter Welsch(White House) publishes technical blog post titled
“Looking Back at the White House Hackathon”


January 22, 2013: Brian Forde(White House) and Nicholas Skytland(NASA) publish technical blog titled
“Roll Up Your Sleeves, Get Involved, and Get Civic-Hacking”



March 31, 2012: Palo Alto releases its trailer for Super Happy Block Party Hackathon



June 03, 2010: Aneesh Chopra publishes blog post titled
“Hacking for Humanity”


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